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COLI Customer Service Standards

We have developed a number of reward programs for our VIP customers, please register with us for details.

COLI Global VIP members will receive prior notification on all new projects and early release campaigns. You will also be offered first opportunity to purchase, prior to the general public, Allowing the lock-in of favourable apartments.allowing the lock-in of favourable prices.

You will receive regular quarterly (monthly as settlement approaches) updates on the project’s construction progress alongside settlement information.

Your feedback is important to us and will help us improve by implementing alternative concepts. Our customer feedback platform ensures management are aware of your opinions. COLI’s customer service management team conduct regular surveys directly with you to ensure that you are satisfied with our conduct, and your property post purchase. We constantly welcome feedback from our purchasers as we utilise this information in conjunction with research and development for future home designs.

Some days in life are more important than others, to you, your family, and indeed us! We will never forget your birthday or purchase and settlement anniversary days. These dates will be commemorated with a greeting from COLI.

COLI builds good rapports with solely astute and competent consultants in our industry. This ensures that advice regarding purchasing, finance, settlement or investment is granted from a panel of educated, pre-qualified experts.

We ensure that you will receive the ultimate in customer service, commencing with your initial decision and culminating on relocation day. We produce a comprehensive move-in guide to ensure your move is swift, smooth and simple. We will even connect the utilities on your behalf!

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